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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:29:37 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 33"Adventures of Tray and Jay 33"PART 33: JAY AND THE PROTEGESometimes I have to get by myself. Rugby's over for the season, except for bash sessions now and then with the boys, and sure, I still see them all the time. But it's never gonna be the same. I mean, without Dylan. I can't believe it. We'll never be on the field together when that poor bastard on the other team gets the ball for a second before we cream his ass together. God, I love creaming a guy with Dylan. On the field or off, I mean.But we've had our last match together, and it sucks, but that's life sometimes. Dylan can't stay back in high school another year just for me. Then we sort of got into it over some totally stupid ass, lame thing, I swear I don't even remember now, and we went all red in the face, and spit's flying, and we're shoving each other and shouting names and the whole works. By the end of it we're in each other's faces and ready for blows. I was just about to give in and hug the big dick head when he went and said it."Mama's boy!"Dylan looked kind of sick as soon as it was out, and he licked his lips, but his jaw clenched, and he stood there glaring down on me like, okay, I said it, now what are you gonna do...mama's boy. And I had all these things I wanted to say back at him, but they wouldn't come, and I got real hot inside all sudden, and my eyes blurred, and my throat choked up so all I could do was turn and get out of there.I was in my sweats and sneakers so I took off running. I had no idea where I was going, and my eyes were watering bad, it's a wonder I didn't get my stupid butt run over. Then I was at the high school running around the playing field while the football team scrimmaged, and I flashed on Dylan and me out there that night making it, and then I couldn't see anything. Next thing I know, I'm tripping over my own feet and taking a dive onto the light red dirt."FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCK!" I went off, I guess, with my face in the dirt and my hands pounding by my head. I pushed up onto my knees and tried to catch my breath, but it was coming out all ragged. Anyone watching might have thought I was crying like a, fuck, like a whatever."Are you okay?" this delicate, fairy little voice intruded, and I lost it, without even wiping my eyes and looking to see who it was, I just lost it like a total prick."What kind of stupid ass question is that?" I snapped and brushed some of the dirt from my sweats. When I didn't get a reply, I turned on whoever it was and saw Chapin Perrier, who is, without a doubt, the sweetest, friendliest dude on campus. He's also what you'd call a flamer. He's the sophomore class president, and next year he was certain to go all the way, so to speak.Well, I had one of those weird moments in life when you get to see the tables turned, and I knew I was Chapin. I mean, he stood there shaking, his eyes glazed over, face pale, only, he's so nice he couldn't have anything awful to say to me from his pretty, smooth, brown-haired head. He was probably saying it all to himself. Chapin turned to flee, and I kicked myself hard inside."Wait, Chapin." He stopped with his back to me. I stood up, breathing hard, sweating all over the place, and put a hand on his shoulder. The poor little guy flinched. "I'm...sorry, okay?"Chapin turned and looked at me and nodded, then he swallowed and ducked his head to wipe his eyes."Life just isn't going the way I want it to, you know?" I added, and he nodded again. "Everything's changing. My lover and me got in a fight."I saw the shock on Chapin's face. The color was coming back nicely. We have this one thing in common: everyone knows we're fags, even if I'm a jock and Chapin's...well, he's the opposite of a jock, okay? He's real thin but not bony. He does have a nice firm little butt I'd never noticed before that moment, and sensitive, big, wet, brown eyes. And his lips, yeah, his lips. They're real soft and sad or something, I don't know. Not pouty. Sad.But Chapin isn't out the way I am. He just has that look that screams, "I'm queer!" even if he never did it with a dude or anyone else. He was born to do it with boys. I guess I was really staring at him intensely there by the field, and I made him squirm and swallow."What's it like, Jay? Having a lover? And everyone knowing you're...""A fag?" I grinned, and Chapin blushed. "It was rough at first, but now I like it. I always know where I stand with people. How about you, Chapin?"He looked right in my eyes, and without batting a lash, he said, "There's only one thing people hate more than a fag, and that's a geek, and I'm both." It scared the shit out of me, actually. I mean, he wasn't mad or joking or anything, it was just something he'd known a long time. I was trying to think of what to say when he went on, "And the kind of men I like the most...are the ones who hate my guts the most."Chapin went droopy-eyed and licked his lips and gave me the old up and down without knowing it, and he was about to faint so I steadied him with a hand on his shoulder. The boy was flaring heat."You like jocks, dude?" Little Lolitas I asked, and he nodded and smiled and swooned."I love jocks, Jay, but, uh, I mean, I've always...I've always just thought about them." Chapin blushed again. "You know.""Yeah, I know, you little cocksucker!" I messed his hair up. "Come on with me, boy, I'll show you jock central."When you're in student government, you get around, but I know Chapin never set foot in the weight room before then. When we walked in, the air was thick with young man sweat and musk, and everything stopped. Not because of me, no. I was cool. But Chapin Perrier, for God's sake? Chapin was lost. All the sweaty jock boys stood there breathing hard and gaping."Take off your shoes and socks and shirt, dude," I said as I stripped off my sweat shirt and the soaking wet T-shirt below it. Chapin stared at my nice teenage Rugger's body and damn near drooled. Then he snapped and did as I said. I lay down on a bench and got comfy and gripped the bar above me, which was weighted right for me. This sophomore wrestler I'd talked to a couple of times, Eric Daniels, came right over."Want a spot, Jay?" he asked all deep, and I saw Chapin's mouth drop. Eric's real built, okay. All muscle, round shoulders, smooth as hell with a blond crewcut and piercing green eyes."Thanks, Eric. This is...""Yeah, I know who Chapin is. Little Lolitas I even, uh...nice to meet you, man." Eric held his hand out to Chapin, who almost fainted again but took it. I swear, sparks flew!So Eric spotted me as I pressed a few mainly to show off for Chapin. I really dug looking up the legs of Eric's cutoffs and seeing his heavy jock strap bulging with teen meat."Now you try some, Chapin," said Eric, and Chapin shook his head, dizzy and scared. "Come on, man, go for it. I won't let you get hurt, I promise."Against his better judgment, Chapin traded with me and took the bar in his little hands. I sat on the other end of the bench and put my hands on his spread knees, and Eric had the bar firmly in his hands. Chapin pushed up on the bar, and nothing happened, even though his face twisted off in total strain. Then suddenly the bar and weights went up, and Chapin glowed with pride!"Easy now, let it down easy," went Eric, who was the one who lifted it, and slowly Chapin grimaced and let his arms back down, and the metal clinked against metal."Wow, that was fun!" glowed Chapin."I'm all worn out," I said. "Time for a shower. Come on, Chapin." Eric looked disappointed or something...jealous? "What about you, Eric?""No, I can't yet."He watched us pick up our things and go, and in the locker room it was quiet. We went over to the corner by the showers, and Chapin waited to see what I did. So I stripped, of course, and the kid just gawked. My cock twitched when I slipped out of my strap and fingered it free of the tangled, damp pubes that had wrapped all around it. Chapin swayed and blinked.The hot water felt great on my neck and back, and I was startled to see Chapin threw a bone already. He tried to hide it but the thing was 6" long and slender and jutted straight out from his dark bush. His body was silky smooth, especially with the water glistening over it, so I had no choice, okay?I stepped behind him when his head was ducked under the water and pressed my suddenly stiff dick up to his crack, and Chapin gasped and tensed but my arms went around him to hold him up. We stood there like that under the water, and my hands caressed his sexy geek body all over. Chapin went to moaning gently, and I didn't care. It felt so fucking good I was ready to squirt.I kissed his neck and cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his pecker with the other, and that's when I saw Eric was in the entrance to the shower watching breathlessly and squeezing himself through his shorts. He kept an eye out for others between watching us. I cocked my head to him to join us but he shook it fast and licked his lips.Oh, my God, Little Lolitas without warning Chapin turned and dropped to his knees and ate my boner, as much as he could take. The kid just loved me nice and slow, fingering my nuts and hard belly playfully and sucking that cock up and down, up and down, with his eyes closed, and I couldn't hold it so I yanked it out and as Chapin's eyes opened I jerked it off over his eager boy face and outstretched tongue, and then he buried his mouth in my balls and sent me over for a second wave of squirts.Eric moaned, and Chapin saw him for the first time and got to his feet fast. I pushed Chapin toward the entrance, and when we got there Chapin knew what to do. He pulled Eric's shorts down and dropped again to sniff Eric's manhood through his wet strap. Eric's flaring red cock shaft stretched out of the strap along his thigh, and Little Lolitas Chapin licked it and made it jump and leak a long stream of precum, and Chapin seemed overwhelmed by what he did to Eric, who gave in and fed the clear stuff to the happy boy before him.Eric got out of the strap and kicked it and the shorts aside and stepped in the showers while I took his place as lookout. Chapin was between us so we could both play with his narrow young body. When Chapin started sucking Eric, I knelt and fingered the boy's crack, which drove Chapin up so his ass was stuck out in offering to me, and I said fuck the look out and went down on that fresh, clean, dripping wet butthole.Chapin's screams of joy were muffled by Eric's 8" mouth plug, all of which Chapin had forced down his throat by then, being the real cocksucker he is. I licked and bit and ate that boy out as he ground his hole in my face. Eric watched me real jealous and wild."UH! UH! UH!" I heard Eric about to go off, and I stopped eating Chapin and saw Eric try to pull free of Chapin's two-handed grip around his hard butt cheeks, but Chapin wouldn't let go, and Eric turned red all over and went rock hard and grabbed Chapin's ears and cut loose his pent-up load of wrestler spunk straight down the boy's virgin throat. Eric shook and moaned and twitched off for a minute, then relaxed all over as Chapin swallowed and kept sucking cock.We heard voices coming, so we stepped over into the water again, but Eric took Chapin suddenly and turned him and went down on his knees and swallowed the kid's overheated cock and sent Chapin over the edge right off, so I pressed behind Chapin and held him up as he spazzed and writhed in my arms, and I had to hold my hand over his mouth to silence his scream of virgin release into another young man's mouth. We all stood again just in time for a bunch of loud young football jocks coming to take over the showers.The other jocks stared as we filed out and breathed in relief. We dried off slowly, looking at each other in a hot daze, and as we dressed this freaky silence of anticipation wrapped around us and bound us together.Nobody said anything, not in the locker room, not outside walking to the parking lot, not cramming into Eric's pickup with Chapin sandwiched between us, not on the very fast ride to..."Hey, how do you know where I live?" I broke the silence finally, and Eric looked real embarrassed so I made him look me in the eyes before I grinned and let it slide, and he scowled in defeat.Once inside I shouted, "Hello!" but no one answered, and when I turned around Chapin and Eric were standing super close staring in each other's eyes, and Eric went to stroking that soft kid's face and hair easy and...loving. I was totally happy to watch Chapin soak it up, wide-eyed, until Eric bent and kissed his forehead, and then Chapin's eyes fluttered and closed. Eric just kissed his way gently down to the red, parted lips and I saw both of them touch there and quiver, and I heard them both gasp into each other's mouths...And I knew I was witnessing the flowering of two young lovers. I'm hear to tell you, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I sat on Little Lolitas the big chair and sighed happily as their hands started exploring and their tongues got into it and their hard crotches bumped and ground, and the next thing I knew I had my dick in my hands. They were getting drunk off their fag asses on each other!Eric slowly, adoringly undressed his new boy, his first love, I could tell, and when Chapin was naked before him, Eric moved behind the kid and wrapped him in his stronger arms and lost it with his whole face, kissing and licking and sniffing Chapin's neck and cheeks and ears and hair while teasing the boy's nuts and shaft with the tips of his sensitive fingers. It was so wild I was fixing to spew!Chapin reached behind him and got his small hand in Eric's shorts so fast Eric grunted and bit Chapin's ear, but that only drove Chapin insane! His back arched way back, and then he spun on Eric and tried to rip the bigger boy's shirt off until Eric threw off all his clothes himself and Chapin buried his face in Eric's smooth, hard belly. Eric's head shot back, and he moaned in total pleasure.Chapin dropped to his knees and ate Eric's balls like a maniac, with grateful help from Eric's big hands...and, well, that's when I spazzed off! My cum hit me in the face that time! I wiped it off my face with my fingers and ate it, then rubbed the rest into my sweaty chest and belly and moved over to the lovers. I bent over and went down on Eric while Chapin nibbled his spunky wrestler nuts, and Eric just freaked and shot off in my mouth! I choked and swallowed his huge load of cream, or most of it, but sputtered and dripped some on Chapin's excited face below us.Eric bent over to catch his breath or something, and Chapin squirmed under his legs and stuck his nose way up that hot man's butthole! I went to my knees and swallowed Eric's rock again to the overheated sounds of Chapin slurping ass for the first time and giggling with the knowledge of how he was making his guy feel! I know the pleasure well! With Eric bent over me still, I felt his chest heaving as his hands stroked my back and then my ass cheeks...Then without warning, Eric stood and robbed my mouth of his juicy prick and turned his back on me, and he gripped Chapin in his fierce hands and planted a wet, wild, tongue- riding smooch on that unprepared boy! Chapin's body, other Little Lolitas than his stiff penis, went limp all over, and he whimpered and wordlessly offered himself up entirely to the will of his man.Well, Eric knew exactly what he wanted and needed, and he held Chapin's throat gently in one hand while his other ran through the soft brown hair of his frail lover and they gazed into each other's eyes before Eric carefully eased Chapin around to face the couch and pushed down on the boy's shivering back to leave Chapin's pale white ass level with Eric's jumping, dripping dick."I've never done it before, Eric," Chapin whispered a little scared."I know you haven't, little dude," Eric whispered back. "I...I've never...done it to anyone, either, Chapin."Eric probed Chapin's tight hole with a finger and got real excited, then he went to his knees and grabbed the boy's cheeks with his hands and spread them and sniffed that little man's funky place and then licked it good and used his mouth down there the way he used it on Chapin's face.I put one knee up on the couch and gave Chapin my big old cock to suck on, to ease the coming pain, you know, and Eric was about to shove his 8" thing in that poor boy without even spitting on it!"Spit in your hand and work it up his hole," I whispered while Chapin started using his hand on my dick to help his slick mouth, and I was in heaven. Chapin chuckled around my prick when Eric slipped a spit-lubed finger up his little rear, and I saw the flush of excitement and pleasure it gave Eric. Eric looked at me for guidance, so I leaned closer and glanced at his pecker and made a loogie face, and Eric stifled a laugh before spitting a good one down onto his healthy 16-year-old meat."Relax all the way, Chapin," I coached the kid."MMMMMMM!" was all he could say, and Eric held his beautiful dick in one hand up to that sweet, cherry rim, closed his eyes, licked his lips, pumped his hips like a pro back and forth...and entered Chapin smooth as silk. Chapin let go of my dick and smiled from ear to ear and cut loose with this outrageous sigh of fulfillment that made my belly glow with warmth. Plus his breath tickled my nuts!"Ahhhh, Eric, I love you! I love you! Do it to me, Eric, I want you in me forever!"And Eric held his boy's hips and pumped it steadily in and out, slow and easy at first but going steadily faster and harder, and Chapin went with it all the way! He loved getting it up the butt! It never hurt him for a second, even if he did wince once or twice when Eric lost it a little and pulled almost all the way out, then rammed it back in so hard it made MY nuts ache!Of course, Chapin was giving me outstanding head again, and as Eric's load rose up from his big, swinging balls, mine churned in me, too. Chapin's whole body was covered in a fine mist of sweat, and he groaned and chuckled and slobbered all over my cock and the couch."Oh, my God, Chapin, do you really want me in you, dude?" Eric breathed, and his own sweat dripped from his face down to Chapin's crack and then rode that big dick up his shoot.Chapin practically jumped in anticipation and nodded with my cock down his throat, and that's when Eric seized up all over and turned bright red and made a face and sprayed spit onto me and wedged his cock up Chapin's hole, and I heard Chapin when his own load broke loose from the shock of Eric's pecker suddenly growing even bigger inside him and gushing out its warm flood of love juice way up inside Chapin's body where part of it would stay forever.My dick erupted right about then, when I felt the force of these young men's passions exploding as one through them into me, and Chapin sucked and laughed and swallowed all of it while his lips slammed against my pubes and balls from the pounding his behind kept taking from Eric the stud boy.Dylan walked in right then, and all he saw was my face, and the relief on his was so intense I slipped from Chapin's warm mouth and went to MY boy...and I swear, Dylan started crying!"I thought you left me!" he sniffled, and he was burning up when I wrapped my arms around him. His face went to my neck and started going wild like Eric did to Chapin earlier, then he stopped suddenly. "Who are they?" he whispered, and THEY Little Lolitas laughed."Fags," I said, and then Dylan's mouth took mine like that night on the playing field...
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